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When we start working out the big talk is nutrition. One of the biggest things we are asked about is protein. Do I need a protein shake? How much protein should I be taking? Well you absolutely need protein in your diet. The benefits of protein go far beyond just building muscle. Proteins are used to manufacture hormones, enzymes, cellular messengers, nucliec acid, and immune system components. With out enough protein our bodies will not be able to put together the structures that make up cells, tissue, and organs, also not allow the body to grow and heal. When it comes to working out, without the right amount of protein the body won’t be able to heal up as quickly after a workout. This could lead to over training the muscles with out healing enough which could lead to injury. After working out, no matter what the type of activity, there are micro tears in the muscle tissue. There is a 30 minute window after exercise that is the best time to put protein in the body. This is when you can take advantage of a protein shake.
Nothing can replace the protein and nutrients you get from solid foods. I wouldn’t suggest using a protein shake to replace a meal unless you are just crunched for time. I would suggest using the protein shake right after a workout. Solid food takes much longer to digest and break down meaning it will take much longer for the protein to get to the muscle and get the healing started. A protein shake can get digested and broken down much quicker allowing the muscle to start the healing process much faster for faster recovery.

1RM Test Front Squat

8×400 meter run
1 min rest between rounds
Stay within +/-5 seconds or 10 burpee penalty


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