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Here are some more competitions close by.
The Galt Games Summer Classic (08/16/14 and 08/17/14)
Registration Page:
Standards for RX and Scaled:

Clash At the Coliseum (08/23/14)
Registration Website:
Info page:

The Jack of All Trades Games (09/06/14)
Info/Registration Page:

The Event 2: Fall Brawl (09/13/14 and 09/14/14)
Division Info Page:
Registration Page:

The D-Town Throwdown (09/27/14 and 09/28/14)</strong
Info/Registration Page:

Box Squat – 1RM

3×6 Good Mournings AHAP

(3 rounds for time)
50 meter KB farmers carry @70/50#
15 wall balls 20/15#
20 pistols


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