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It’s that time of year again. If you are a veteran at crossfit you know his means the Reebok CrossFit Open is here in a few weeks. (sign ups is on January 15th). If you are new to CrossFit you may be wondering what this is or thinking that’s not for me it’s only for the hardcore CrossFitters or the crossfitters that want to compete. You couldn’t be further from the truth. You may be thinking, “why is that?” There are more than 50,000 men and 35,000 women in the world signed up, and it goes up every year. Most are in hopes of qualifying and a lot are everyday people wanting to have fun or test where their fitness is. Have you ever signed up for a 5K knowing you’re not going to win and say those famous words, “I just want to finish!” Same goes with to the open, sign up to challenge yourself to finish all the workouts and see where you place in the world. Then do it again next year and challenge yourself to beat your scores from the past year with even more people signed up.

In the town we moved from we had members sign up for the open every year, not to win but to improve. The first year doing it their goal was not to be last. Their second year was not to be last and to beat their past selves even with more people signed up. Most of them exceeded in beating themselves and not getting last and placed higher the second year. This proved to them that they were more fit. So spend the 20$ go to, register and be sure to put CrossFit Homer Glen as your affiliate and team. I will let you in on a little secret we will be doing the open workout each week with the classes anyways so you might as well register. Check out the video below from the past years open.

Sumo deadlift OTM
10×2 @75%

(3 rounds for time)
30 front squats @115/95#
30 sit-ups with wallball


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