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The open starts this week! We will be doing the workouts on Friday night. For anyone who signed up for the open I suggest you try to follow this type of week. This is what we will all be doing as well. Come to the gym and do the classes Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Take Thursday off to recover for Friday. We will be having the classes do the open workout on Friday as well so if you just want to join a class Friday and do it that way you are more than welcome to. If you want to join us trainers and a few others, we will be doing it Friday nights at 7:30 after all the classes are over. If you can’t make Friday’s come in on Saturday during open gym and you can get it done or if needed we will get you in and get it done on Sunday.

Front Squat, 4×1 @75%

(For time)
Squat clean @205/140#
Shoulder to overhead @205/140#
Double unders


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