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The Granite Games are just around the corner. If you guys enjoyed the Open and would like to try the same style of competition just on a smaller scale then sign up. There is an online qualifier just like the open.  If you do well you move on to the Granite Games in Minnasota. Most of the divisions are the same as Open. All you need to do is go to the link below and make sure you sign up for what division you would like to be in.  Be sure to pick CrossFit Homer Glen as your community and your gym. The team scoring system is just like them open. Anyone’s scores can help. We will be doing the wods in class so you might as well sign up and play the leaderboard refreshing game again. 


Clean + 2 hang clean x 5 sets @+5# from last week, if first time @60% of 1RM clean and jerk

(AMRAP in 12)
3 Strict Pull-ups 
6 deadlifts @225/155#
9 Box jumps @24-20″


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