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Sometimes we get caught up in the numbers on the board and think Rx wods are the way to go and if you can’t Rx then what’s the point. We have to remember that weights and reps put on the board are there as a motivator. If your not ready to use a certain weight than scale it down. You also have to take in to effect what the goal of the WOD is. Take yesterday’s WOD for example. It had a 225# deadlift, that’s 45% of my 1RM. The goal of this workout is obviously light weight move quickly and fatigue the cardio not fatigue because you are failing to hit the weight. If Bridget did 225# for the deadlift in the workout it would turn into a totally different workout for her. With it being 70% of her 1RM this would turn into a slower not breathing as hard WOD due to the rest because of the not hitting the weight. We don’t want that in this WOD. We want continuous movement and cardio fatigue. So when we don’t give you guys the weights you think you should be doing. It’s not because you aren’t capable of doing it, it’s because you aren’t capable of doing it the way the WOD is intending it to be done.  So think twice before getting upset because we scale you. Most likely we are trying to get a certain stimulus out of you from the workout.   Check the article below for some more good info on why going rxd isn’t the end all be all for getting better.

Back Squat, 8RM

(Five Rounds For Time)
40 double unders
15 Thrusters @95/65#


One thought on “WEDNESDAY

    Stella said:
    05/20/2015 at 11:01 AM

    I agree with this blog and I think we all needed to hear that. It makes sense.

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