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Monday we will have different hours than normal due to the holiday. All normal classes will be cancelled and we will be doing an 8am, 9am, 10am and open gym from 11-12. Sign up as you would for regular class. There is still a 12 person limit on the class, except for open gym, so first come first serve. Sorry for the inconvenience ahead of time if you don’t get signed up and miss a workout.  Also make sure you are really going to come to class. Don’t sign up as a maybe and hen never take your name off the list. Please be curtious and take you name off if you don’t think you will make it. Someone else will most likely take your spot. 


(EMOM for 12)

M1). 2 left arm Turkish get ups

M2). 2 right arm Turkish get ups

M3). :45 plank hold

(AMRAP in 12:)

3 power cleans @135/95#

3 burpees over the bar

6 power cleans @135/95#

6 burpees over the bar

9 power cleans @135/95#

9 burpees over the bar

*continue up the ladder until time runs out. 


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