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Bench Press, 3RM

Drop set, 3×95%, 3×90%

“Warehouse Wars Team WOD #2”

-In teams of three-

(For time)

300 double unders


OH Plate lunge @45/25#



300 double unders

*only one teammate working at a time. Each partner must do their set of the movement before moving onto the next set of numbers or movements. Example: all three athletes must do 21 oh plate lunges a piece before going to 21 HSPU. One partner at a time moving. Think relay style. 

*while partner is performing reps, the other partners must perform holds. During the OH lunge the other two must hold their plate above there head with arms extended. During the HSPU the partners must hold a handstand on the wall. If these holds drop the reps must stop. 


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