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Hopper week is over. Some of you may have noticed that you are beat up more than usual.  This is do to the random, no rhyme or reason type of programming. A lot more goes into us planning workouts and heavies for the gym. We don’t just go into a dark room and take 5 minutes to think of what will give you the most pain. We take many hours to plan out each week on how to make everyone have a chance to better themselves each week and over the course of a lifetime. We have to take everything into consideration. Continuing this chaotic style of programming would lead to injury and loss of all the hard gains you have worked for. The hopper may be fun but this is why it is only done once a year.  So we move on to a new strength and skill building cycle with some good ol’ conditioning. 


Back Squat 

65% x5

75% x5

85% x5-10reps

*these percentage will be taken off of 95% of your 1RM

(AMRAP in 10)

300 meter run

20 KB swings @50/34#

10 pullups


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