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Chalk is getting a little out of hand. I mean we don’t mind you using it, use a lot of it, but we need to stop pulling pieces out of the bucket to bring closer to ourselves. This is causing a waist of chalk by getting stepped on or lost. We don’t mind the dust, we just shouldn’t have chalk pieces smashed on the floor. Everyone takes a long enough rest to go over to the bucket and chalk your hands in the bucket like big people. I have seen Wyatt do this people, come on he understands to keep it in the bucket and he is 3. SO NO MORE PIECES OUT OF THE BUCKET. 


1. OT2:00 for 5 sets

7 bent over rows
2. (10 minute clock)

Back Squat, 2RM

(3 rounds for time)

30 box jumps @24/20″

20 KB swings @70/53

10 strict HSPU


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